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you fucking idiots I told you to cover me how the fuck am I supposed to carry this team when you guys act like brainless inbred spunkbubbles ffs it's a miracle you shitheads managed to press the power button on your rigs
I swear to Christ can you stop being mentally deficient primates for one single second in your miserable cunt lives with your cunt eyes and cunt ears and cunt thoughts you flaming CUNTS

Didn't I tell you to stay down you dumbasses, there's literally half a dozen tangos right across the field
and still you pillocks pop your heads up like some lead-hungry slut fishing for 7.62X39 cumshots honestly
you must have survived the last 5 years by the skin of your teeth since you all have the combined IQ of a lobotimised dolt on a diet of crack and paint thinner


Now with questionable designs!

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