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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Why don't some of your mousepads have stitched edges? 2. Doesn't this make them less durable?
    1. Because they don't need it. Our mousepads are big enough that you won't use the edge of it anyway, and not stitching every one means we can keep the price lower. 2. One of our pads will last you around 5 years before any visible wear on the edges depending on the type of use. With stitching this would be around the same time. (See other FAQ for recommended use)
  • How long will this mousepad last when I play (insert game) every day for 10 hours with a (insert mouse) wrist blaster Nuclear "Carpal Tunneler" XYZ Edition?
    We can assure you that playing for 5000 hours even with a POS bootleg mouse will not structurally damage this product. We checked. By God, did we check.
  • Is there a practical difference between your mousepads and name brand ones?
    Some pads by other brands have a thicker layer of rubber backing and an extra woven label in the corner somewhere. We try to keep ours low profile as much as possible so we generally go with the 2mm version. Unless you consistently drop lightbulbs from ceiling height onto your desk we find this is thick enough.
  • How big are your mousepads?
    Our standard issue pad is 800 x 400 mm, but for custom orders we go from as low as 100 x 100mm (but why?) to a whopping 1200 x 1200 mm OR 400 X 2500 mm behemoth. (That's big. Works great as a carpet too.)
  • Are your products cruelty free?
    No, I suffer every day.
  • Do you do sponsorships?
    If you think you can help out our brand by applying for a sponsorship, let us know in the Contact tab and we'll get back to you. Right now we've had the pleasure of being the official sponsor for our very own Steve, who unofficially came in 3rd on an any% speedrun of Worms2 on Windows 98. (There were 2 official speedruns.) Great Job, Steve!
  • I am a serious gamer and I take gaming really seriously. You obviously don't know anything about gamers because you are not serious.
    50.96496507508518, 3.4613311318321687
  • Can I order a custom print / size / shape mousepad or battlemat?
    Yes! Contact us with the desired specifications and we'll get back to you asap.
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